Intellectual Rights

We are proud of our innovative approach and its recognition in this intellectual world of thoughts and ideas. We solemnly and consistently keep working towards our objectives of developing new ideas into reality. We not only confront upon their global recognition, rather we try our best through their implementation, while continuing the exploration of ‘undiscovered’ spheres of our thought processes.

Copyrights Protection:

All our creative instincts are collective efforts of our team consisting highly knowledgeable people, who are potentially committed working towards betterment of our system. Any literary work, dramas, visual or audible compositions, performances or any other relevant source of creativity are duly protected under international copyrights treaties for our enterprise framework.

Patents & Industrial Designs:

In lieu of same, we keep patenting our technological innovations and industrial designs, on timely basis. We do appreciate hard work done by our people, while they are on-board with us. We make their learning experiences the best of the industry standards and hence encourage them to feel more comfortable while working with us. We have no hidden policies, except the individual rights ‘for innovation’ are in binding contract with our enterprise resolutions.

Trademark Policies:

Trademarks are most contemporary objects of real operations happening around the globe. They are the ‘signatures’ of our existing businesses and thus we honor their reputation and prestige, during its conduct. Businesses are not merely, a money-making process, rather they are more astonishing objectives of making ones presence more dignified and glorious.