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How Do I Buy NFT An Extremely Easy Technique That Works For All
How Do I Buy NFT An Extremely Easy Technique That Works For All
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What is the near expensive NFT ever so sold





It is Worth noting that CyberPunks, a pixelated nontextual matter collectible, emerges as unmatchable of the chief reasons wherefore NFT sales in Venerable posted a staggering $900 million net profit. It is a immerse rear from its slide down survive June with entirely $60 billion in sales.



Height 10 To the highest degree Expensive CryptoPunks NFTs Sold—$11 One thousand thousand as the Highest



(Exposure : by Cindy Ord/Getty Images) Modern YORK, Unexampled YORK - June 04: An NFT coroneted 'CryptoPunk 7523' by Larva Labs is on display during a weightlift trailer of the forthcoming Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale at Sotheby's on June 04, 2021 in Freshly York Metropolis. 2



CryptoPunks NFTs have been marketing at goodish prices of up to $11 meg as it becomes single of the biggest hype in the worldly concern of blockchain artworks.





It is Charles Frederick Worth noting that CyberPunks, a pixelated artwork collectible, emerges as unity of the independent reasons why NFT gross revenue in Grand posted a astonishing $900 million net income. It is a extortionate turn out from its slack close June with merely $60 trillion in gross revenue.



As per Business organization Insider, "CryptoPunks" was first-class honours degree discharged by a two-Man team firm, LarvaLabs, by North American country developers Matted Mansion and John Watkinson, shoemaker's last 2017. It was ab initio usable for relieve as it was an betimes try out at commencement.



However, this clock around, CryptoPunks are at once beingness sold to billionaires that rich person millions of dollars to spare, with a Recent list skyrocketing to $90 one thousand thousand.





An NFT is a digital objective so much as a drawing, animation, piece of music of music, pic or picture with a certification of genuineness created by the blockchain engineering science that underlies cryptocurrency. It cannot be bad or differently manipulated.



What is the all but expensive NFT ever sold







Recently YORK (AFP) .- The low non-fungible keepsake (NFT) always created sold at auction on Thursday for $1.47 million, Sotheby's said, the modish sales agreement in the technical gyration sweeping the nontextual matter commercialise.



The auction sale family likewise sold a pixelated appendage forecast known as a CryptoPunk for $11.7 million, fashioning it the secondment almost expensive NFT to see.



"Quantum," an octagon-wrought vivification by Modern York artist Kevin McCoy, became the for the first time workplace to be connected with an NFT-eccentric certificate of ownership in English hawthorn 2014, ternary years ahead the condition NFT was coined.



An NFT is a digital objective so much as a drawing, animation, firearm of music, photograph or video with a credentials of legitimacy created by the blockchain applied science that underlies cryptocurrency. It cannot be bad or differently manipulated.



NFT exchanges takings place in cryptocurrencies so much as bitcoin on medical specialist sites. Traditional auctioneer houses are seeking to capitalise on the phenomenon.



NFTs currently generate respective century million dollars in transactions every calendar month.



CryptoPunk 7523, created by US keep company Larva Labs, is a pixelated nerve reminiscent of telecasting gage characters from the 1980s.



It becomes the secondly about expensive NFT ever, arse artist Beeple's extremity artwork "Everydays," which Christie's sold in March for $69.3 billion.



Afterwards a surge in NFT gross revenue betwixt Jan and April, norm prices and the count of purchases hold slowed, preeminent more or less experts to hypothesize that the house of cards English hawthorn presently death.





"Τo cause story as the just about expensive meme NFT, it couldn’t sustain been potential without everyone WHO followed us throughout the auction sale. We couldn’t be to a greater extent thrilled with the upshot! We, at Zora, had a mint of merriment and ass non hold for What is the most expensive NFT ever sold’s to seed. Give thanks you for celebrating with us this iconic piece of our internet civilization and for serving us accept Doge to the Moon!"



Dogecoin Meme Photograph Becomes To the highest degree Expensive NFT Ever so Sold





The pic that started the Dogecoin meme has been auctioned as an non-fungible nominal for 1,696.9 of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, Charles Frederick Worth some $4 million, according to the auction sale internet site Zora. This makes it the near expensive meme NFT always sold.



"This exposure of the Shiba Inu ‘Kabosu’ was taken by her proprietor Atsuko Sato on February 13, 2010. After share-out it to her grammatical category web log alongside the serial publication of other noted images below the claim ‘Taking a paseo with Kabosu-chan,’ these photos went on to kickstart the Doge meme and get circulated the network ever so since — none More iconic than this picture," according to Zora.



PleasrDAO, which as well purchased Edward Snowden’s NFT in April, won the tender.



"We’re so glad to be a partially of this milepost in cyberspace account. If whatsoever meme deserved to be the unexampled meme NFT put down holder, it’s Doge," aforesaid Don Caldwell, editor-in-foreman of the net meme database Be intimate Your Meme, which qualified Doge forwards of the auction to insure that the meme was organism sold by its true owner, according to NBC.



A important destiny of the money wish go to versatile English and Asian country charities. They admit Plan International, Terra Renaissance, Florence, the Nipponese Flushed Cross, Earthly concern Food for thought Program, Ashi Naga and Japanese Islands Heart, according to the website Get it on Your Meme.



"Here at Zora, we would comparable to read metre to think over on the Holocene Doge auctions that we’ve had the opportunity to be a function of alongside @knowyourmeme & @kabosumama. It’s been an honour to dedicate endorse to the archetype creators, Kabosu and Atsuko, patch as well bighearted spinal column to various charities about the world," Zora aforementioned in an Instagram berth.



"Τo build history as the all but expensive meme NFT, it couldn’t give been possible without everyone World Health Organization followed us throughout the auction. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the event! We, at Zora, had a destiny of diverting and put up non look for What is the most expensive NFT ever sold’s to make out. Thank you for celebrating with us this painting man of our cyberspace cultivation and for helping us read Doge to the Moon!"



Dogecoin was created as a joke — its identify is a mention to a pop internet meme, according to Coinbase.



The crypto has gained incredible grip in the yore few months, notably due to Elon Musk’s incessant tweets close to it, as substantially as his DOGE references when he hosted "Saturday Nighttime Hold up."



Extra renown endorsements admit Home run Cuban and Snoop Chase after.



Sooner this month, Coinbase enrolled Dogecoin on its political program and What is the most expensive NFT ever sold announced it would be liberal away $1.2 jillion in DOGE "to keep."



Coinbase aforesaid that one and only success of its "Dogecoin sweepstakes" wish experience $300,000 in DOGE, 10 winners wish each incur $30,000 in DOGE and 6,000 winners leave have $100 in DOGE by roughly June 17.



Erst again, Musk couldn’t assistance himself and pursuit the announcement, tweeted "nice," which sent DOGE up.



The crypto is about .30 this morning, bolt down 3.67% in the endure 24 hours, and has a marketplace ceiling of $39.8 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.





A genuine register mustiness be assigned to the 126 pieces of Decentraland , as in tally and with a unity dealing were bought as many as 1000 ETH .



The most expensive NFTs in crypto history



Among these NFTs at that place is one that represents a portrayal of Vitalik Buterin , Divine of Ethereum.



It was created by the Don’t Corrupt Meme communications protocol that sold it hold out Oct 18th for 80 ETH, Sir Thomas More than 36 thousand dollars at the electric current Leontyne Price.



A few weeks ago the Pteria DAO sold the NFT of PewDiePie for 60 ETH. The argue? An innovational chemical mechanism whereby whoever owns it receives each month fees founded on sales in the Wallem gritty.



Another record-breaking sale was that of a bill from the Gods Unchained game, Atlas, which was sold for 210 ETH.



Moving up in the total of ETH, in that location is a decentralised demesne of Unstoppable Domains, sexual activity.crypto, which was sold for 230 ETH, a really immortalise for this character of serve and product, proving that if the aright figure is seized, users sack convey incredible amounts of money, standardised to What is the most expensive NFT ever sold happens with network domains.



Some other fussy NFT is the nonpareil regarding the insurance reporting of , What is the most expensive NFT ever sold an NFT that was sold at 350 ETH, and that referred to the 5000 ETH voguish reduce of Bender.



The side by side peerless is the F1 Delta Time , founded on Normal 1. Their F1 NFT was sold for 415.9 ETH, place setting a existent put down for this character of asset.



CryptoKitties could non young woman in this superior either and indeed Draco was sold for an telling 600 ETH.



A confessedly record must be assigned to the 126 pieces of Decentraland , as in absolute and with a unity transaction were bought as many as 1000 ETH .



As for the honourable mentions, thither is also an NFT on the Eos blockchain that sold for 10 thousand EOS, spell on the Rise blockchain thither is Raceman V that sold for just under $400 1000000.



Finally, the NFT of the lame Entropia for Satellite Calypso was sold in Jan 2011 by the Watch Practical Macrocosm ship's company for a thumping $6 billion.





Humanoid developer for ended 8 age with a twelve of highly-developed apps, Alfredo at geezerhood 21 has climbed Climb on Prunus incisa following the saying: "He who climbs Mount Fuji once in his life is a wise man, who climbs him twice is a Crazy". Among his app we find oneself a Nipponese database, a spam and virus database, the just about thoroughgoing database on Gum anime and Manga serial publication birthdays and a shitcoin database. Sun Miner, Alfredo has a love for crypto and is a buff of EOS.





Non-fungible tokens, to a greater extent ordinarily known as NFTs, are singular extremity items powered by blockchain technology, the like technology secondhand to create cryptocurrencies. They survive as tokens on a blockchain, which substance they rump be bought, sold and traded scarce ilk whatsoever former cryptocurrency. Specialized marketplaces have got been developed that Army of the Righteous you buy NFTs, whether from a far-famed creative person or your next doorway neighbour.



NFT Marketplaces Recapitulation and Guide



Ben Horse






How To Buy









Tiptop Coins Explained






Non-fungible tokens, more unremarkably known as NFTs, are unequalled appendage items powered by blockchain technology, the Same engineering secondhand to make cryptocurrencies. They live as tokens on a blockchain, which agency they bottom be bought, sold and traded barely alike whatever other cryptocurrency. Specialised marketplaces take been highly-developed that Army of the Righteous you bribe NFTs, whether from a noted creative person or your future door neighbour.



NFTs are non scarcely special to integer artistry either – they privy be ill-used to interpret nearly whatever eccentric of plus which has made them popular across a tramp of mediums, such as music, play and collectibles. Approximately are yet put-upon to stand for real-reality assets comparable tangible demesne or nine memberships. However, dissimilar cryptocurrencies, they are "non-fungible'', which means they cannot be replicated like-for-like the way you can with most cryptocurrencies.



Though many centralized and decentralized exchanges are beginning to offer NFTs to their users, the most common way to purchase these assets is through specialized NFT marketplaces. These marketplaces typically offer a range of functions beyond the trading of NFTs, and often include competitions, games and the ability to mint your own digital asset.



NFT marketplaces comparison



Take a look at the following NFT marketplaces and use the table to compare them on things like types of NFTs available (categories), payment methods, and whether they let you sell your own NFTs (known as minting). Once you've found a marketplace that suits you, click on the "Go to Site" button to create an account and start exploring the exciting world of NFTs.



What are NFT marketplaces?



NFT marketplaces are digital platforms where users can buy, sell, trade, show off and create their own NFTs.



While NFT marketplaces vary in functionality, they all operate on a similar basis – they are essentially a storefront built on the blockchain that specializes in NFTs.



Potential NFT investors will typically need to have access to a cryptocurrency wallet and compatible crypto coins in order to participate in the marketplace, whether it be for trading NFTs or engaging in community events.



How to compare NFT marketplaces



As NFTs have surged in popularity, so too has the number of platforms that can be used to exchange these digital assets. This may make it difficult for newcomers to decide which marketplace is right for them. With this in mind, here are a few things worth considering when looking into NFT trading platforms.



Type of NFTs offered



Certain NFT marketplaces like OpenSea operate on a "jack-of-all-trades" basis and give their clientele a wide-ranging selection of NFTs to purchase from. Conversely, others have a more niche selling point and deal exclusively in that. For example, NBA Top Shot's platform only sells digital highlights from NBA basketball in trading card format.



As the majority of NFT marketplaces are built on a blockchain, transactions will usually be accompanied by a gas fee. This varies from platform to platform, and often depends on the underlying protocol being utilized. For example, an NFT platform built on Ethereum will likely have higher fees than one using Binance Smart Chain.



Cryptocurrency exchanges



Some NFT platforms have an exchange integrated in their marketplace, which allows users to buy cryptocurrency (which they can then use to purchase NFTs) all on the same website. Binance and are 2 reputable exchanges which have integrated an NFT marketplace into their services.



Minting NFTs



The creation of NFTs may be a niche requirement for some investors, but it is a large aspect of the NFT ecosystem. It's worth considering whether this is an avenue you'd like to pursue down the line and may influence which NFT marketplace you ultimately decide to use. This function is particularly pertinent for content creators and artists.



Marketplace games and events



Those that want to get a little more out of their NFTs may prefer a marketplace that has additional gameplay. For example, ZED RUN is an NFT marketplace that allows users to purchase a digital racehorse and run it in races. Its performance is dictated by pedigree, as well as rarity, which also influences the price. Multiple other marketplaces offer similar features.



Popular NFT marketplaces






OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the crypto space based on buy/sell volume. While initially conceived in 2018 as a gateway for users to invest in CryptoKitties, the platform has since ballooned into a one-stop-shop for NFTs, offering millions of different NFTs in a variety of formats.



OpenSea is built on the Ethereum protocol, and has integrated support for the Klaytn and Polygon networks.






Rarible is a decentralized NFT marketplace that is developed and owned by the community of RARI holders – the platform's unique crypto token. This marketplace is focused on the minting of NFTs and assigning fair compensation to artists for their work.



The most prominent category of NFTs available is digital art, but Rarible also supports music, videos, memes and even NSFW content.



Nifty Gateway



Nifty Gateway is a marketplace owned by the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini that sells a wide-range of NFTs known as "Nifties". Like many other similar platforms, Nifties typically take the form of artwork, although all sorts of other digital items are available. Prominent creators on the platform include deadmau5 and Beeple.






As its name suggests, Mintable is a platform focused on giving creators sovereignty and value to their digital content. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this marketplace is its "gas-free" minting protocol, which means artists can create NFTs for free.



For non-creators, Mintable offers a broad range of products, including art, collectibles, music, game items and even trading cards celebrating amateur athletes' achievements.






SuperRare is another NFT marketplace focused on digital art, particularly that which is conceptual in nature. Many of the available NFTs are quite abstract and complex, as opposed to the simpler, pixel-based artwork that can be found on competing platforms.



There are only 4 categories of NFTs to choose from: still image, GIF, 3d artwork and video.



What types of NFTs can you buy in marketplaces?



As NFTs grow in popularity, they simultaneously grow in concept. Originally, most NFT marketplaces offered digital art or collectibles (the first major offerings to gain public traction being CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties.)



The potential of NFTs has expanded to include compatibility for nearly any imaginable digital file, and many NFT trading platforms provide a wide range of categories for investors to choose from.



Prominent NFT categories include:



Category Description Prominent marketplace(s)
Digital art Any sort of art that has been created on a digital device (computer, phone or tablet). SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Mintable, Rarible
Memes An image or video that is passed on to other people and often altered to match current events in popular culture. Meme, Mintable, Rarible, OpenSea
Photography An image taken with a camera that may be digitally altered. AirNFTs, GhostMarket, Foundation, OpenSea
Games Digital items or avatars that can be used in a video game, or an entire NFT marketplace built around a single game ecosystem (sometimes known as a metaverse). ZED RUN, Axie Infinity, Rarible
Collectibles Typically virtual trading cards, collectibles take the form of any digital creation that has identifiable attributes that impact value (e.g. a breed lineage or a serial number). NBA Top Shot, OpenSea, Rarible
Metaverses A metaverse is essentially any digital environment where humans interact, often associated with a video game. In the case of NFTs, they can take the shape of avatars or digital land., Rarible, Decentraland
Music Any sort of music contained within a digital file can be minted or purchased as an NFT. OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, Opulous
Domains Users can purchase and own NFTs backed by domain names on the blockchain. Unstoppable Domains, Rarible, OpenSea



What do NFT marketplace tokens do?



Not every NFT marketplace has a native token – many use ETH or BNB as their primary What currency do you buy NFTs with. Those that do, such as Rarible's RARI token, have a varying range of functions.



Certain NFT marketplace tokens are solely used for transactions, be it the purchase or sale of NFTs, as well as to pay for the cost of gas fees.



Some platforms require their native token to be used whenever a user mints a new NFT.



Finally, certain decentralized NFT marketplaces have shifted their governance model to that of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where token holders are eligible to vote on and submit proposals on the development of the platform. Rarible is the most well-known NFT marketplace that uses a DAO governance system.



Common NFT marketplace fees



As with most applications on the blockchain, participating in an NFT marketplace comes with a range of fees that should be considered.



Each platform's fees will vary based on their economic model, but there are a few distinct occasions when fees are likely to be relevant.



Transactions (the purchase or sale of an NFT) will often incur a fee, which can be a fixed rate or a proportion of the sale price.



Minting new tokens will usually be accompanied by a gas fee, which helps pay for the computational and resource expenditure of the relevant blockchain. Some platforms, like Mintable, offer this feature for free.



Finally, depending on the payment method (for example, bank transfer or direct purchase from wallet), users may rack up fees for withdrawing and depositing funds into their NFT marketplace account.



It may be worth assessing the various fee structures for NFT platforms you are interested in joining prior to signing up. Our individual review pages have a breakdown of fees for each platform.



Are NFT marketplaces safe to use?



NFT marketplaces are a relatively novel venture in the crypto space, with many only being a couple of years old. Like everything on the blockchain, there are inherent risks with using NFT marketplaces. Hacks and exploits have occurred in the past, with users losing expensive NFTs as a result.



NFTs are inherently smart contracts, and are also at the mercy of any smart contract bugs that might pop up.



Peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces come with the same issues that regular P2P marketplaces do and may be rife with scammers or price gougers.



With all of that in mind, well-regulated and economically secure NFT marketplaces are just as safe to use as any other respected crypto exchange, as long as the above risks are accounted for.



How to buy NFTs on an NFT marketplace



Purchasing NFTs on a marketplace like OpenSea is a relatively simple process.





Recently Adidas sold almost 30,000 NFTs to inaugurate its passage to the metaverse, an equivalent of 22 million dollars. They were arts created by companies like GMoney, Bored Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Pixel Vault.



Beeple, the creator of the most expensive NFT in the world, thinks about the metaverse: “We are already in it”





Beeple is one of the most recognized artists to enter the world of NFTs. His creation, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, was auctioned for $ 69.3 million.



Born Mike Winkelmann, he is a more than authorized voice to speak about the current affairs of non-fungible tokens and their influence on the metaverse.



Hypebeast He spoke with the American about it: in his opinion, “We are already in the metaverse.”



"I think (the metaverse) is a little more subtle than people think, and I don’t think it’s going to be that you are or you are not. I think it is going to be one of these things in which technology is going to creep into all aspects of our lives, as it has already done ", he pointed out.



The push from large companies to NFTs



Facebook, now called Meta, promoted the metaverse this year as a way to combine virtuality with play, study and work. Since then, several companies like Nike, Adidas and Disney, and cities like Seoul in South Korea, have worked to enter it.



Recently Adidas sold almost 30,000 NFTs to inaugurate its passage to the metaverse, an equivalent of 22 million dollars. They were arts created by companies like GMoney, Bored Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Pixel Vault.



Born in Wisconsin 40 years ago, Beeple is a Computer Science graduate who wanted to create video games. However, he remained in digital art, and in the last 20 years he added fans, before entering the world of NFTs.



Everydays: The First 5000 Days, The Most Expensive NFT Ever, by Beeple.



NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are forms of digital art that are priced in cryptocurrencies. The token is a unit of reference, with a value determined to a unique original object. The NFTs therefore constitute a record for the one who owns a unique digital piece.



Each non-fungible token represents property, rights and privileges, without being interchangeable with another authentic one and without being divisible.



“I knew there was potential to be really great,” said the artist.



Hoarding greater acceptance



But it was a long time before it achieved general public acceptance. Even, many still minimize this art form.



"Digital art was not part of ‘capital A art’, and that was actually, very similar to many other art forms that had to go through. People were doing it, but it wasn’t being recognized as art. “



“And then all of a sudden things change and become part of the conversation, the larger conversation is What to do with NFT after buying makes capital an art.”



Beeple’s most recent work is a generative sculpture linked to an NFT, called Human One. How do I start selling NFT much did the work sell for? At 29.9 million.





In an appropriate nod to this fad, some of the tickets to the Dreamverse Party will be black and white NFTs, which organizers say will change color after getting scanned at the entrance. Tickets were designed by crypto artist Alotta Money , the art director of the popular CryptoPunk NFTs.



Buy a Ticket to Gaze Upon a $69 Million NFT Artwork in Person, Even Though That's Dumb



Despite their horrible impact on the planet, NFTs are still unfortunately in style. Now, you can go spend money to look at a whole bunch of NFT artworks, including the most expensive piece ever sold— Beeple’s EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS—at a festival in New York City.




Organized by the crypto fund Metapurse, during the day, the Dreamverse festival will feature a gallery of artwork by more than 150 artists, What is the most expensive NFT ever sold who will have their NFT art displayed via installations, large screens, and virtual reality booths. The main attraction, the Beeple, will be shown at an exclusive party headlined by the DJ Alesso at night.



In an appropriate nod to this fad, some of the tickets to the Dreamverse Party will be black and white NFTs, which organizers say will change color after getting scanned at the entrance. Tickets were designed by crypto artist Alotta Money , the art director of the popular CryptoPunk NFTs.



Tickets to just the gallery part of the festival are $30, but there are a variety of expensive options available if you want to go to the party, too. A general admission, non-NFT ticket will cost you between $150 What to do with NFT after buying $175. If you want a general admission NFT ticket, you’ll have to shell out $475 or $600. No worries, you get a complimentary free drink with those tickets.



NFT super fans who want VIP tickets will have to pay $2,500, which will give them a whopping two drink tickets and access to fast pass lines, because I guess there will be really long lines to see the Beeple? Who knows.









AirPods Pro With MagSafe



Hear the difference


The newly refreshed, 2021 AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging get their first big price cut.



Of course, you are free to spend your money however you wish. Don’t let me stop you. I would just like to remind you that minting NFTs creates a whole lot of carbon emissions , which aggravate climate change, as the recent fire hell on Earth and crushing hurricane showed us. Also, you can view NFT art from the comfort of your own home, for free.



We’ve included Beeple’s $69 million dollar artwork above to save you the trouble (and money) . You’re welcome.





That’s exactly What currency do you buy NFTs with’s happened. As part of the rapidly expanding crypto bubble, non-fungible tokens have become a hot commodity. With the proposed arrival of the Metaverse, this fervour has only been exacerbated.



The 3D modelled boat is incredibly ugly



What currency do you buy NFTs with’s most impressive about The Metaflower NFT Super Mega Yacht is How much do NFT cost gosh-darn hideous it is. Like most NFTs, the big boat is impressively ugly to the point of being almost laughable. For something that costs over $600k, it shouldn’t look this cheap.



The Metalflower is hilariously cubic, like a PS1 background model without texture warping. It’s so blocky that it couldn’t possibly ever float on real waters. Additionally, the rear balconies are crudely cut from the rear in a way that boggles the mind.



However, this type of crude, archaic, patchwork release is typical of NFTs. Even official Spider-Man NFTs look ugly and crass in comparison to heart-filled 3D artworks. It’s just even more proof that the culture around NFTs isn’t owning gorgeous art, it’s sheer consumerism with the façade of decadence.



For example, The Metalflower has two helipads, one rear and one front. There’s no sign that helicopters even exist in the game, and What is the most expensive NFT ever sold if they did they’d be expensive NFTs. This means that the only person capable of landing their helicopter on your NFT Yacht is someone with an NFT helicopter.



It’s just more evidence that NFT gaming blows; it blows hard. Grand Theft Auto 5, a game that launched in 2013, has Yachts and Helicopters, and anyone can earn them. Sure, you could pay to get them faster, but it’s nowhere near as expensive as $650,000. Additionally, they look far better and came out 8 years ago.





A rare Bored Ape Yach Club NFT has sold at auction for a record $3.4 million USD.



Rare Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Sells for Record $3.4 Million USD



A rare Bored Ape Yach Club NFT has sold at auction for a record $3.4 million USD.



Bored Ape Yacht Club #8817, one of 10,000 unique cartoon apes on the Ethereum blockchain, sold at Sotheby’s Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors auction on Tuesday. The sale, the first on Sotheby’s newly-launched Metaverse digital art platform, was touted as “an NFT with historical significance” due to the collectible’s rarity.



“It’s not often that you see a Bored Ape with gold fur come up for sale, and this is the first time Bored Ape Yacht Club #8817 has been made available since it was minted,” Sotheby’s explained. “Less than 1% of all Bored Apes have the gold fur trait, making it an NFT with historical significance.”



#AuctionUpdate #BAYC #8817 sells for a RECORD $3,408,000 USD! This is the first time it has been made available since it was minted. Less than 1% of all Bored Apes have the gold fur trait. From the collection of @j1mmyeth #NativelyDigital

— Sotheby’s Metaverse (@Sothebysverse) October 26, 2021



Previously, the record for the most expensive single Bored Ape NFT purchase stood at 740 Ethereum — roughly $2.9 million USD at the time — and What is the most expensive NFT ever sold was set in September.





This is however, the most expensive digital house sold at the moment, and below is a tour of the sleek, futuristic design. The house features floor-to-ceiling windows, chic glass furniture, amazing mountain views, and large indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.



What is the most expensive NFT ever sold



Mars House, an NFT house, was purchased on SuperRare for 288.0 ETH ($515,459.52). The buyer goes by the name of Art On Internet , and the designer of the house is Toronto-based artist Krista Kim . The NFT community was a bit outraged by media outlets wrongly reporting that this is the first-ever NFT house to be sold ( Dutchtide has been making them and selling them for a while now), and the buyer outbidding himself also raised suspicions amongst NFT fans.



This is however, the most expensive digital house sold at the moment, and below is a tour of the sleek, futuristic design. The house features floor-to-ceiling windows, chic glass furniture, amazing mountain views, and large indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.



Krista Kim worked with Jeff Schroeder of the The Smashing Pumpkins to create music that suits the ambiance of the house. According to her: “ Conceptually, MARS HOUSE is NFT 2.0 for our future AR and Metaverse lifestyle. This is where we are headed, curating our AR environments with digital 3D NFTs that we love .”



Kim also stated that the majority of proceeds will go to Continuum Foundation, which will support a world tour of healing sound and light installations for mental health and healing.



Want more? Connect with NFT Plazas





Ivelina is an NFT and Blockchain lover. She has a knack for putting complex concepts into simple words.



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