Place Of Origin


SADHAURA, an old town 43 km east of Ambala (30″23`N, 76″47`E) in Haryana. “In the state of Haryana, in Yamuna Nagar District and close to Ambala, there is a small but ancient town called Sadhaura. There is an uncanny resemblance between the names Sadhaura and Sadhiora. Perhaps Nandi and her descendants were originally from Sadhaura. There is evidence of Chauhan Rajputs being present in the area of Sadhaura because the Chauhan rulers of Ajmer and Delhi brought Ambala District under their power in 1000 CE, and the Topara pillars in the area stand witness to this. But in 1192, Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan at the second battle of Terrain and took control of this district. So perhaps somewhere between the late 11th century and 16th century, a Rajput family migrated from this area to the Punjab. There are many reasons for this migration; the area of Sadhaura is noted in history because its Hindus were persecuted so widely under Islamic rule. For example, Banda Singh Bahadur, a Rajput Sikh warrior who seized territory for the Khalsa, liberated Sadhaura by killing its tyrannical ruler Usman Khan in 1709 because the Hindus were persecuted so badly by the Muslims. So probably between 1200-1500, a Mair Rajput family from Sadhaura migrated to Punjab and settled in Lasara village. To retain the history of their original ancestral town, they may have named themselves after the town of Sadhaura in Haryana.”
It is believed that the name of the town “Sadhaura” is derived from “Sadhu + Raha,” which means “the way of saints.” This meaning seems to be logical, as the way to the Himalayas is near this town. The town of Sadhaura also has a number of ancient temples. It is bounded by the Shivalik range to the north.